Team Dorn

As a family, the Dorns love to sleep out under the stars. But we also recognize that the way we do it is an extraordinary privilege. Every night across America, there are millions of young people for whom sleeping out isn't a choice. They must navigate their teenage years without shelter, safety, and access to many services we take for granted. 

And the numbers are growing. The pandemic and recession are dislocating thousands of people every day -- young and old -- and some analysts predict a worst-case scenario of 25 million or more families on the streets in 2021.

That's why we support Attention Homes, Colorado's leading provider of services to young people experiencing homelessness. And it's why we're inviting you to join Team Dorn, a group of family and friends, in a special event that raises awareness on this crisis. 

For the 9th straight year, Jon will participate in the Sleepout, a fundraiser that draws more than 100 other volunteers who experience a small sliver of homeless life by spending a night on cardboard mats in an urban courtyard in downtown Boulder. 

Only this year will be very different. Sleepout is going virtual! On November 5, our team members will camp out in their own yards in solidarity with these young people, hearing from Attention Homes staff and youth (via Zoom, of course!) about how your contributions provide immediate and much-needed shelter, food, counseling, and medical services.

Team Dorn has set an outrageously ambitious goal of raising $50,000, an amount that would provide a full week of safe shelter and care for 20 young people. We'd love for you to sleep out with us in pursuit of this goal! To join the team, click here. You'll have your own fundraising page, and we'll be able to watch our team tally climb together.

Whether you join the team or make a donation, you will be making a difference. For that, our family says THANK YOU!

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